The font thing crashed and burned… being the perfectionist I am, I am comparing and contrasting all of my favorite books, second guessing my choices, trying new fonts. The screwy thing is that I think I have the RULES of the game down, but I have to make SUBJECTIVE DECISIONS that will be OBJECTIVELY JUDGED! Ye gads.

The cool thing is, I’m flipping through comics, and TONS of folks don’t really follow half of the traditional “rules” and I’ve never gone “Man, this lettering sucks!” Not to say it’s easy, but more that it’s not as criticized as it could be, which relieves me. Still, it’s really easy to see amateur lettering from a mile away, which is why I’m being paranoid.

On to story. Or namely, the fact that I’ve got such a verve for this one, I’ve done 66 pages so far, and I’m just getting warmed up. I’ve spent all of this time moving pieces onto the chessboard, and now I’m ready to play chess. It’s very nice. The last time I got to tell such a longform comic tale was my first OGN, which I have yet to see drawn, so this is a very different feel, a wonderful feel. Like I’m really doing something of worth.

But you want the BEEF, don’t you? A few images, a tease, a little hiked skirt. Well, okay. Howzabout some more character sketches, with the names of the characters rubbed out to protect the innocent plot points?


These are some of the main characters. I can’t explain their relation to each other without revealing a key conceit of the first few weeks, but these will be familiar faces. Want to know what that creepy looking guy is doing next to that small boy?

No you don’t. Trust me.

I will, however, let this much slip about Charlie. He wanted to be an actor, but now he’s a guidance counselor. He started out his life wanting to pretend to be other people, to slip on strange skins. It felt like what he was meant to do. Instead, he tells other people how they ought to be living their life, and yet he hates his own.

That’s all for now. More Monday.