That title, friends, is what we call Search Engine Optimization. Or, in lay terms, being a jerk.

Nonetheless, I have something that despite many hours of research I could not find, so I am hoping to help someone else looking for that exact phrase with the answer, found through hard, long comparison.

Generally, it’s six point for most comics I see. Yeah, I know that seems way small. Yeah, I know it’s illegible in Word. Truth is, though, if you look at a webcomic at 1,100 pixels by 700 (which is what Girl Genius, my gold standard for this kind of thing, does), then a 6 point font, at least in Manga Studios, works for me.

If it doesn’t work for you, don’t yell at me, that’s just a simple guideline. Hopefully it’ll stop you from doing what I did, and redoing the page six times between 12 and 6 and squinting against other comics, your screen, and sanity.

That is all. Back to your weekend.