And I’s watching too much Raising Arizona.

I have several sketches I could show you for today’s regular update/preview, but I’m gonna go with the one that intrigues ME the most of what I have right now. It’s hot off Dexter’s pencil, and it features two other main characters… part of the “other” camp, as we say when we’re trying to believe our villain’s motivations are sincere. (They usually are, even if they’re ultimately dicks.)

We’ll call these guys “The Traveller” and “Weapons.” That’s what they are in the script, too, but for different reasons than you’re probably thinking:


(Click to Embiggen)

You’ll note I’ve again scratched out bits of names. This too, will make sense in time.

As for a progress update, there are now six pages in the can and more incoming. I want at least a two month lead, so we’re never missing an update, so when I have 24 pages (or nearabouts), you’ll hear an announcement of the first comic’s date. Until then, I’ll keep teasing, and long before then, you’ll see a finished website, so keep coming back… Monday, Wednesday, Friday….

I’m at page 77 now, and I feel like I could keep cranking this out forever… I haven’t even gotten past the essential big, blasting opening moves, so I have some real faith in this baby.

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