Today we have a view of Charlie at a few different times in his life. In one, we see him where he starts the story. Broken, depressed, and ready to kill himself. In the other picture (I won’t tell you when), we see Charlie as a cool, confident guy who’s in charge of his life and knows what he wants and how he’ll get it. Same guy, two polar opposites in perspective:


Beyond that, I’ll tease with some of the crazy ass stuff I was investigating and researching yesterday. The first thing? How far you can see into the horizon from a given height. How to survive an incredible catastrophe. How solidly buildings are constructed. What pistols a man would carry in the early 1900s. The temperature in Paris, France (kid you not). Terminal velocity.

Oh, and there’s a little post-it on my desk: “The North Pole? Pfft. I’ve been there at least twenty times. That’s tourist shit.”

More Friday.