You may notice a lighter brown bar on the side of the site, if you’re reading this at the URL. Why? Well, because we’re monkeying with the site and the server, updating things, getting it all ready for the Cura Te Ipsum site, so’s it’s all bright and professional and pretty…

I got to look at page 12, and the sketch for 13 is in my hands. I’ve pretty much decided, provided the site is ready, we start at page 18 in the can. What does this mean practically?

Well, at this rate, probably about 2-3 weeks before we’re live.

I don’t have any graphics for you this time around, mostly because I’m taking some of today off to go see one of my favorite bands, the local group EXOHXO. If you haven’t checked them out, go, do, they rock. I mean, check this out:

That’s right, punks. That’s a whole bloody orchestra backing the band. How can you not like?