Wow… that went fast. Thankfully, it also went with no panic, worry, or rush to meet deadlines, thanks to Dex’s fine hard work!

Now we’re moving into month two, and the stuff I’m seeing from Dex is knocking me sideways. Part of the fun of this is imagining how people are going to react to what I’m writing, but there’s also a huge thrill from seeing how Dex is going to interpret what I’m working on. It’s been the most fun collaborating I’ve ever had.

Starting next month, I’ll start a publicity blitz and try to get the comic out to people. I know I put up the donate button, but the absolute BEST way you can keep this comic going right now is to tell a friend, get them jazzed, and tell them to tell a friend. The more people we can drag here to check out the comic, the better.

I’m also looking into methods to trade the comic up, and talking with people about how to do so. I’m flirting with the idea of a sister site, a Tuesday Thursday comic that tells an entirely different story, but that’s just a fart in my mind right now. If nothing ever becomes of it, don’t yell at me.

But for now, back to lettering and uploading… and a very merry whatever-it-is-you-do to you!