Lo! The contest is OVER!

The winner of the contest is Jennifer Sparenberg, whose middle name for Charlie will appear on page 51, which will run on the 25th of February! Thanks, Jennifer!

The contest was an extraordinary success, bringing in more than enough to cover costs and supply us with a goodly number of posters, buttons, postcards, and even to leave a little left over in order to start saving for the initial outlay for the TRADE, which I hope to release at the one year mark!

I’ll hold other contests occasionally, but this will be the last one for a bit. This month, I’m going to focus on organizing a store/donation page, where you can drop X amount and get Y stuff, like the aforementioned poster/buttons/etc. I’m also going to work with Dex to create an original art page, so if you want to buy an original piece and support Dex, you can! If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

I’m going to be mailing out swag to everyone who donated this month (along with a special surprise) on February 7th. If you’re interested in a button or a poster before I set up the store, however, feel free to shoot me a line.

I started the contest fully expecting that no one might contribute, that it might be like other endeavors, where folks either don’t have the cash, or don’t want to help, or where they don’t trust the internet or the stranger asking for their support. I have learned (with unrestrained glee) that in the last five years, things have changed a great deal. People understand how much donation helps independent work a LOT more now, and I can’t help but smile thinking of that. In return, I can assure you that this money will go into production efficiently, without waste, and provide better, additional content for you guys.

In grateful thanks for this, I applaud you all.

Anyone who wants in on the thank you something I mentioned just for reading, I’ll still be taking addresses through email, but the deadline for that is February 7th, as that’s when I send out the whole slew.

Best! Enjoy the comic!