What’s this? Well, I’m gonna try and do a brief blog entry with each page, if I can, mostly because it’ll help you guys see what’s going on behind the scenes with managing the comic, and maybe appraise you of neat stuff we’re trying to do. I’ll also try to address comments here, and the like. Feel free to email me a question you’d want answered here, etc, or a suggestion you’d want me to address.

To start, I’ll let you know how the popups are doing… Linda Candello, the awesome craftstress (is that a word?) that came up with the idea, is arranging more formal and final versions that we are setting the prices for. More on that as it develops.

A special thanks to Port City Underground and Spud Monkey for their word-of-mouth faith and support in the site, among other contributions! You guys rule.

I also have two crazy ideas developing, one from my friend Jen, the other something I just came up with. Jen’s idea we’ll keep under wraps for now, but it’ll be an ongoing, monthly free piece for you all, very fun. The other idea I have, and it’s sheer madness, is a CURA THEME SONG.

Also, new posters, original art, and prints by the page.

One day, as well, a replica extra-dimensional translocator. I WILL NOT REST until I have one, which tells me you might dig one as well, I hope.


More soon.