When I was a kid I always used to joke about how broke I was, and thereby the Weird Al song was one of my favorites. I would sing it behind the wheel of my car, riding on the polyspare, and talk about having others to chew my food. Now Charlie’s rich where he’s always been broke. Someone CAN chew his food for him. HAW. Wish fulfillment, no doubt.

People are starting to receive their posters… apparently they went out faster. There are two packages, a poster, and the trades themselves. Let me know when you get yours… I want to make sure they came through okay. A lot of time and thought went into the best packaging I could find.

I learned a lot from the process… postage tricks (I almost got scammed by a markup), ways to package things safely. All in all, it was quite interesting to learn what media mail is and isn’t, how I’ve been price gouged in the past, and how bloody cheap bubble mailers are compared to what you’d think they’d be, where postage itself has gone sky high since I was first getting my rejections in the mail.

Funny little bit about this… we were trying to find plane reference, and I couldn’t think of a static establishing shot of a plane outside of Green Arrow’s in Smallville. Sigh! AND AGAIN WITH THE QUEEN PLANE. If you get that, you rock.

Can you imagine someone opening a portal on a moving plane? Hmmm….