Check this out, folks:

That’s right… Dex is willing to part with some original art! I’m posting this to let you know that, in the next few days, we’ll be posting scans in the store… and you can buy the original pages, hand drawn by Dex! They will range from 20-50 dollars, which, if you ask me, is a STEAL, and it’ll go directly into his pockets, so you’ll be helping to support Dex!

I’m announcing it here as opposed to directly on the store because I wanted to give folks who are lively a chance to write in and reserve specific pages. Some have already been reserved/glibly coveted by the dag nasty evil writer of this here comic, but most will be available!

To be specifically clear, because this is an important point, these are not INKED. Our process is to pencil (and Dex pencils VERY darkly, as you can see in those pages) and then up the contrast… it gives the comic the unique “pencilled” feel. So if you do buy, you will received penciled pages, but they are, in fact, the final pages we use, with very minor alteration (for instance, you can see Dark Everett’s shirt in the original page 35 changed).

He will also be offering original art for the posters, as well…. trust me, folks… it looks great hanging in a room. Feel free to email me if you have questions!