So! I have been a bit busy lately, finishing a new novel and scheming, scheming, scheming of new Cura ideas (we have a doozy of one coming your way in the FUTURE (future, future, future)…).

That said, here’s some fun stuff for you all!

First, WALLPAPERS! If you go to this link right here, you will see four new wallpapers that Dex put together for you guys (thanks to John for suggesting the idea!).

Here’s an example:

Also, I have updated the Cura Store with new pages of Dex art, through page 96!

You’ll also note a neat little button on the right side there linking to said art, and a link to the wallpapers, for after this news item cycles. I actively encourage you, if you so desire, to come up with your own wallpapers from Cura images, and I will gladly feature them here with a credit, should you do so!

The Pop-ups have also been updated with new, better images, and a new pop-up version previously unavailable!