Hey, folks! Check this out… Linda Candello just did a few animations of the pop-ups… they give you a better idea of the depths of the pieces. We’ve also added one more to the store… “I Know Exactly How You Feel.”

Here are the animations, which you can also see at the store…

If they’re not already moving, click on them to check it out.

And in OTHER news… something new, fun, and free is coming down the pike! I know I haven’t updated much lately outside of the comic, but that’s for a few great reasons. First…


I know. Crazy, huh? Well, Dex is hard at work on some paper doll prototypes for the site. They’ll be free. Basic deal is, we’ll post the sheet, you print it out on a sheet of paper, and you can make Charlie paper dolls. We’ll release a new “career” every month, starting with original Charlie. Next month, we’ll do the basic Charlene. After that, we’ll do all kinds of things… eventually we’ll release a magnet set to purchase if you guys dig ’em!

That’s one of the things that has been keeping me busy… other than trying to color some of the many posters Dex has made for the comic, and failing. I seem to stink at coloring, but I gave it the old college try.

Well, that and writing through page 125 of year two. That’d be page… god, 281? I have to decide if I want to go by years or page numbers yet. What do you think?

This week I’m gonna get my butt to the copy place and print out a series of posters, and then I’ll offer them here. There are four posters in the can currently, five if you count the black and white evolution, so it’ll be a pretty good selection, something for everyone.

I’ll also be posting more original art.

Anything you guys are wanting that you’re lacking? Feel free to email me.