Yes, that’s right, I said posters!


I’m going to start rolling out the posters we have in the can once a week or so, depending on your response, so if you want to see more, buy! If not, well, I’ll keep commissioning them for the poster bo – er, nothing! I said nothing!

In addition to that poster, I have now offered the option of getting a poster of ANY page from the comic. That’s right. ANY page. And you can even choose with or without dialogue! Go on! Ignore my wordy words and bask in the joy of the art if you’d like, I’ll just quietly weep in the corner! Or, you know, concede that Dex’s art is rad. Yeah, I’ll go with that!

To get the Charlene poster, click here!

To get any given page, click here!

Also, Dex showed me these AWESOME videos he did of sketches. Watch the Batman one… three minutes! The man is a machine!

Dex promised me he will do one for Charlie in the near term for you all… so you’ll get to see a little ahead in the story (not too spoilery, anyway) and see how Dex does this awesome thing he does!