Check it out, folks! I was away all weekend playing D and D, and when I came back I found an article in my inbox by Kate Coenen about Cura!

Here’s an excerpt:

In the webcomic Cura Te Ipsum, written by Neal Bailey and illustrated by Dexter Wee, we meet Charlie Everett, a desperate and suicidal man who finds a new lease on life after he is saved by an alternate universe version of himself. This other Charlie introduces our protagonist to his alternate universe selves that make up the organization Cura Te Ipsum.

Cura Te Ipsum, from the Latin phrase meaning “heal thyself,” takes on the mission of traveling across multiple universes to prevent the different Charlies from killing themselves. Through Cura Te Ipsum, Charlie finds a new family among the members of his team, each given a nickname to avoid confusion. Charlie’s team includes Leo, who saved his life and serves as the team’s leader; Nerd, the version of Charlie who became obsessed with science; Charlene, a female version of Charlie with weapons expertise; and Squirt, a younger version of Charlie.

Many thanks, Kate!

Here’s a link to the full article!