First off, THANK YOU to everyone voting in the poll. It’s really helping, and I’m using it to decide what to do next for you guys. Dex and I are hard at work on tee shirt designs, and I spent half the afternoon driving around getting strange looks from glass cutters when I asked them to craft extra-dimensional translocators. I don’t know if it’ll be hard, solid glass, or a shaped obsidian rock… but I’ll keep you all in the loop. I’m gonna make this happen.

What do you think is a good price for a stone that lets you travel between dimensions? How about a tee shirt?

We’ll make a few designs up and let you guys vote on which shirts you want. That’s the next poll.

In the meanwhile, I’ve spent some time putting together some more stuff. With Dex’s wife heading toward their child being born, I thought it best to get more pages of original art out there for you guys to buy if you want. Available pages are uploaded for sale through 118. Here’s a preview:

You can buy at the store.

Also, what’s this? Posters? Yes! More posters. I said I’d do one a week or so, and it’s been two weeks, so I posted two. One we’ve had for a while, a Dark Everett Crew poster, and the other, by request, is an Undertaker! Every poster bought helps the comic along, so if you dig it, grab one!