You may notice that page 118 has changed, and where before there was a Squirt, there is now, well, NOT.

This is our first error! I am quite proud! It was all my fault. Squirt is, quite essentially, NOT in this scene, for reasons you will soon learn, but I, being ever attentive to detail, didn’t tell Dex, the man drawing the actual pages! Compounding this, I completely glossed over him in the final page Dex sent me, though I caught it in the next page. Yee haw!

Long story short, it’ll be an interesting story to tell the grandkids, but I’m just posting this in case some of you wonder how the boy disappeared. You didn’t just shift into an alternate universe and find another version of Cura page 118… that’s really altered. I’ll put the original in a trade so you can point at me and laugh! Many thanks to Dex for an awesome, speedy correction.

Now the REAL question is if anyone would have noticed, had I not pointed it out…