Okay, I’m really not that angry. The camerawoman caught me in the middle of a strange dizziness caused by resin and mold fumes. Nah, I kid.

That is, as you can see, an extra-dimensional translocator, clear and scuffed variety. The real one will be polished and shiny, and I’m gonna start creating them as soon as the black dye arrives in the mail. I FIGURED IT OUT. You have no idea how long it took. Glass men looking at me oddly. People telling me I’d have to pay exorbitant ransoms for folded glass. Gem shops where it was impossible to find a circular river rock, first a clear one, and then just a plain ole river rock to mold from.

Then, a plastic shop. TAP Plastics, here in Portland, who have been more than helpful in me getting this prop off the ground. My thanks.

I made a mold from a mold creation plastic case, believe it or not (the thing you make molds in, I made a mold of it). After I did that, I took a circular sander and grinded it by hand (and ground my hand a bit, in the process). I then went out and got a grinder to polish the thing, and made a mold of the mold I made in the mold mold.

Keeping up?

At any rate, extra-dimensional translocators were what people wanted in the poll, so I kicked my ass making them. Now the question is, how do I release them? I believe I’m going to make them a perk with the second trade, at first, depending on what you VOTE IN THE NEW POLL! (See that? Subliminal commands.) Feel free to comment and tell me what you think, though.

I made a new poll, on the left, as you can see, so you can tell me if you want me to release one option at a set price, multiple options at multiple prices, or something else. I need to very carefully gauge demand and cost, as we are trying to save as much cash as possible to keep the comic flourishing, so please vote, and be honest.

I have also tweaked the site a bit, as you can see. I added the graphic Dex designed for the character guide. I also removed “recent pages” as it felt redundant with the little arrows below the comic letting you see said recent pages. I also put wallpapers in the link section, to de-clutter the main page. I also removed the “regular/special edition” trade links, figuring them redundant with the big ole “Cura Store” buttons now there.

I have not, however, removed the Lady Sabre link, because it’s my favorite comic going right now, so hey. Executive privilege. If any of you guys want any of those links or buttons back (IE you miss them) just let me know, I’ll pop ’em back in.

And with that, I’ll get back to lettering this future page with Charlie’s paren- er, Charlie’s parenthetical meanderings! Yeah! That’s the ticket!