I have now added tags to every page (phew!), that you might be able to find, say, all instances of Leo, or Charlene, or what have you.

The Jet City Con was a SOLID BLAST. Thanks to all the people who came over and said hi. The response was overwhelming, and far better than I could have hoped for. I’m almost out of trades, though I’ll have more in by the time I get to Geek Girl.

I am, however, down to only FOUR of the special editions, so buy those while you can, if that’s what you want!

I also added the store to the Facebook page, which you should visit and like, if you would!

Dex just sent me the cover for the new trade, and current plan is to open preorders ASAP for the new trade, once I decide on tiers and get it formatted. Release date should be Nov. 9 (I think I said Nov. 6 before, which was an error).

Beyond that, in between year one and two, there will be a series of promos and teases for the next year. It may be a week of images, MTWRF, or it might just be a MWF, we’re still deciding, but what Dex is sending me ROCKS.

I also have many, many tee shirt designs, of which we shall cull and choose the best soon. My favorite so far involves dinosaurs.