I’ve decided to try (if possible) to do a little update here every Tuesday and Thursday (barring unforeseen circumstances) talking about things that I’m digging, media-wise. Movies, other online comics, print comics, etcetera. I’ll also pop in little bits about what’s going on with Cura, so as to make this brief but cool content for you guys to check out and enjoy each day. So:

Toothpaste For Dinner is something my buddy Will brought to my attention a few years back. I believe he said he’d read all three years of archives (at the time) instead of doing his homework or some other important duty, and so he passed it along, because we both have a rather brutal, forgiving sense of humor that can laugh at almost anything. Toothpaste has edge to it, in the sense that most of the time you’ll get an amusing (and thought out) irony of some kind, per the strip tradition, but then sometimes, it’ll dovetail a slight bit into political commentary that’s just as biting, and reasonable. If this comic scares you off, it might not be your thing. I dug it.

Today’s comic is a great example of the series as a whole, and an example of why I like the comic. It lampoons and satirizes the digital culture, politics, and just the general stupidity of humanity. Another recent good one (here) plays to the way we try to address problems but can’t. I know, it’s a one-off joke, but I like my one-off jokes with thought behind them more than irony or awkward situations, and that comic’s a great example of why.

There’s a huge archive, and I’ll give you the same admonition Will gave me. Make sure you have a few hours to kill…

Toothpaste For Dinner

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