Doctor McNinja is a strange devil, and certainly one I’m better for knowing. In true hipster fashion, I’ll trot out my “I liked it before it was cool.” I’ll caveat that, though, and say that’s only because of Will, from my last post, as I recall, who gave me the heads up.

It starts with black and white pages that are a bit thick and rudimentary, but there are hints of the genius right from the start. I think this is the page that hooked me, as I recall. It’s that swoop McNinja is doing to avoid the gout of vomit. Christopher Hastings had me with that, and the deal was closed with the giant lumberjack busting in to ruin McNinja’s shit.

The best things in this book/comic are the little details. The mustache on McNinja’s dad, for instance, pleases me greatly.

It’s goofy, hilarious fun. Not too biting, but definitely a great time. I got a lot of my inspiration for designing this site from the way McNinja is oriented, and it’s the reason I’m using comicPress as we speak, and that I have a “Meet the cast” page.