I know my usual Tue/Thur thing has been dedicated to those things I very much love of late, in kind of a celebratory review, but I have to take today’s and hand out a few thanks.

Cura’s been doing well lately, climbing in hits, and that’s thanks to a number of confluences that have served the piece, things to which I owe some thanks.

First, Persons of Interest. This one’s hilarious. There’s a show (I haven’t seen it, admittedly) called Persons of Interest that did an episode titled “Cura Te Ipsum.” I thank them for that, because now a bojillion people are googling Cura Te Ipsum and finding my comic. RAD.

WhiteChapel, the Warren Ellis message board for Freakangels, has sent a ton of hits our way, simply with a few kind recommendations. You guys have no idea how much that helps the site, when you do a thing like that, no matter how small an audience. A personal testimonial is worth more than any ad.

Linda Candello continues to rock, with Charlene pop-ups. Wherever you see me, I’ll have them up at the con, and they’re available on the store, you should go check them out! Check out her blog for a sample of the pop-ups!

And finally, last but not least, you may notice that the site is streamlined, with all clutter removed, with a page optimized for simple but effective viewing. This is due to a VERY kind and awesome podcast from The Comic Dish, where they were wholly complimentary while offering constructive criticism that helped me get a grasp on just what I wanted to do with the site design, but hadn’t been able to. I owe them quite a debt of gratitiude, and if you dig the new site right now, it’s for their influence. If you don’t, it’s all me, heh.

The episode that reviews Cura is 154, which you can check out here. Thanks again!