I’m looking at one of the new trades right now, and it’s pretty damned spiffy. Dex’s Last Supper homage/parody really pops, as do the first ever COLOR PAGES in a trade! Woo. To be clear, that’s interior posters, not one of the story pages. That’s a magic trick for a later day.

I have moved the sticky page to the side there and eschewed the polls for now. It’s not that I don’t care what you guys think (feel free to email me any time).

I missed a Tuesday update, mainly because I was labeling and readying envelopes. Figured you guys would forgive that. I shall commence with entries henceforth.

Today I am very excited, because Thursday, Friday, and Monday through Friday of next week will be our first NON-STOP RUN! We have promos as a breather between years, and it’ll give you a tease of what’s to come, along with a burst of rapid updates. I’ll be watching this to see how folks react. If there’s a huge bump because of a five day week, I’ll look at that as a viable option for bursts of story in the future.

Beyond that, I also owe a debt of thanks to Anthony Cardno for this wonderful interview with Dex and me! Check it out!

His Lawrence Block interview is also fantastic.