Whoa, where the heck have I been the last month? Well, mainly I’ve been breaking my new novel and a few special projects. Apologies for the lack of updates. That should be rectified starting now. I plan to start my regular Tuesday Thursday updates this week, so check this space.

But for NOW, we are happy to offer our first CURA SALE!

From now until New Year’s Day, you can go to the Cura Store and get fifteen percent off EVERYTHING by entering this code: fifteen

Original art, trades, ALL is fair game. Dex and I wanted to say thank you and give back a little, and maybe give folks who are as broke as we are a chance to get something they wanted, if it was just a little too expensive. There’s also a certain gift giving holiday coming round…

ALSO, we have updated the original art with over FIFTY new pages (including yesterday’s), and we have made Tee shirts available OUTSIDE of a trade package at the new, reduced price of $15! So that means you could get one, before shipping, for 12.75! Holy crap! I might just get one for myself! Er, wait. I have a box of them. But I would, if I didn’t!

Cura Te Ipsum makes a fine gift for folks, but I would recommend ordering soon if you want your items before Christmas/Hanukkah/my birthday on the 22nd!

THANK YOU ALL for a great year!