The Gunshow is a comic my friend Alessandro brought to my attention. Alessandro and I have much the same sense of humor. The difference between us is that he’s a gentleman, and I am uncouth. And that he can draw like a madmen, so much so that we do comics together when we can, and I cannot draw a parallel. Well, maybe I can. But only in words.

However, we share a great love of the absurd in humor. He has turned me on to almost as many great things as my buddy Will, but that is not to slight him. Everything he shows me is a damned gem.

The Gunshow is absolutely, hands-down, the single best absurd webcomic out there, for me. Sometimes Dr. McNinja will be random enough to win that prize for a given day, but in terms of consistent, unexpected breaking of the walls of reality in a way that is funny, Gunshow takes the cake for me.

Notable recent examples? This comic, whereby a phrase I use to this day entered my lexicon, via Cool Frog: “Dolphin ate all your candy. He’s not sorry.”

Or this absolutely ingenious page, where the comic uses the medium, and an utterly complete understanding of comedy from the side, to kick you straightaway in the giggleballs. That’s right, I have giggleballs. You don’t?

The rabbit comics are typically the best recurring gag, but the use of snakes lately has been kicking my ass. This one is just so amazingly wrong, in that good way, and that’s from the guy who just declared Central Park in one world the Rape Free Zone.

But verily, as you make your way through the piss forest, watch your thoughts. And on the way, bookmark Gunshow.