Little Vampires should have been one of the first comics I posted on when I started doing comics I like in this blog.

I met Rebecca Hicks on my ill-fated tour of all of the comic cons in the United States. I hit Philly, Chicago, Texas, LA, Calgary (I know it’s in Canada, eh). Your basic Johnny Cash song.

One time I got sat next to Rebecca and James. Usually the person next to you at a con is the person who you get to know, then generally move on and forget. Rebecca and James, her husband, are not those kinda people. They get under your skin and become, you know, FRIENDS. Because they’re cool, hip, smart, wise, all that jazz. And they like laughing at everything and consoling you when you’re facing the tough side of being artist-types, which is about the best qualification for friendship with me that can be put to paper.

Well, that and the fact that when I asked Rebecca for a lewd commission involving Captain Kirk and a Gorn called “Gornography” she stepped up to the plate and undid me. What is seen cannot be unseen, and the woman’s an artist. I am, to wit, a shmuck, and will remain so to the point of asking her for Tribble Penetration next time I can buy one. Which, let’s be fair, is about 2018 or so at this point.

My adult humor aside, I have never seen someone at a comic convention better with kids. Rebecca draws Little Vampires, and though the books are great for adults, kids love the hell out of them, and with good reason. Her world, where innocent, well meaning monsters of the night can’t seem to manage to keep a handle on their inadequacies but still manage to stay friends and optimistic, appeals to the dilemmas we face all the damned time. Rebecca’s great sense of humor shines through in what she does, and I was so damned happy when the Vampires, formerly a book, became a regular webcomic. She, along with Greg and Eric, gave me a ton of courage to give this a try, and when I strategize with people for how to go forward, I look to her example, because if I’ve traveled the US a little, she’s been EVERYWHERE, and she’s doing it with style. I know no one who hits more conventions and rocks her art like Rebecca and James do. She’s got a great sense of comedy, and comic timing.

I have Little Vampire original art, I am proud to say, and I encourage you to support her work. If it doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse.