And here’s why!

If you look up in your URL bar now, Cura Te Ipsum finally has a permanent home, at! Don’t worry, will still work, but as of now, you can type in the title of the comic, and GET the comic! I’ve wanted to do that from day one, and now we can!

The story of why it took a year and a half is my fault. I’ll explain. I was SHY. Convinced that the person who owned would likely not want to part with it, I never sent a letter to the owner. Then, the other day, missing the last T on Charlieeverett for the fiftieth time, I thought, “Why didn’t you write that letter?”

And so I googled the Whois and shot a letter in the dark to the owner, listed as Mr. Aroles. I expected the letter never to come back, as often letters in the dark are doomed to be, but lo and behold, I got a letter back! Turns out that, having seen the comic, Mr. Aroles was willing to transfer the domain…


He could have charged me, he could have held onto the domain, but instead he was truly kind, awesome, and wonderful, and that’s the reason why right now, you’re at the URL I always wanted for the site. WOOT! Please, folks, help me thank the man in the comments!