I have been doing my research on the trade in order to try and save you guys some cash and keep everyone happy as things evolve. I have learned some surprising things, and I thought I would share them with you all and see what your thoughts are on the subject. I must stress the absolute importance of your opinion on these matters. Please, please comment and let me know what you think of these ideas (I will not bite or belittle, I will thank).

The cost of books have risen to the point of a price hike for the existing trades, as I mentioned before. So far no one has expressed that this will dissuade them from buying, so for the next trade, I’m thinking the price for the existing trades will rise to fourteen dollars. I guarantee you it’s not so that I can gouge you guys or make more money, it’s so I can continue to sell the six month trades, which I really want to do.

Initially my thought was to make the two trades ten bucks until Volume Three comes out, and then make them fourteen. However, research has revealed another option. It turns out I can put the first two trades together, slap on a shiny new awesome cover by Dex, and make a YEAR ONE trade available for 25 bucks, complete with the 9,400 word Cura short story INRICTI, about the Dark Everett taking a Preacher Charlie two thousand years into the past (we can only guess why). This seems particularly viable as a cheaper alternative. There will likely be a sketch edition, as well.

With that option in place, I don’t feel so bad offering the first two trades at 14 starting next week (barring objection) as soon as I reveal the volume 3 trade. In other words, fair warning, if you want to, buy it cheap while you still can (limited to stock on hand)!

I also need to know if 14 dollars as a price point is going to dissuade anyone from buying a volume 3 trade. If so, I need to reassess, and figure some things out. If you were going to buy one, and a price jump would change your mind, like I said, PLEASE say so. Pre-Order will begin soon.

Either way, Wednesday’s page is going to look incredible in print. I look forward to hearing what you guys think!