That’s just insane. Many, many thanks to Dex, who has been incredible from day one, and thanks to you guys for sticking with us.

This kind of milestone, and the upcoming milestone (two years of the comic on November 1) make one reflective, and they make one look at the story as a whole.

It’s very strange, existing in two worlds. Or not, given the nature of this comic. In one world, the comic is at page 300, and in another, the world I just came out of crying a month ago, the comic is finished with the origin of the Dark Everett in an insane double-page splash at the end of page 513-514. When it gets to you, knowing our tendency to expand and have fun (as this page above turned out to be), it’ll probably be page 530, 540. Doesn’t really matter, and that’s the absolutely wonderful part of this endeavor.

Thank you all for being with us.

Though chronologically we are close to the end of the second year, the actual TRADE for the second year will not come out until page 333ish, and that’s a way out. Early January, by my estimate. With that in mind, I figured I’d start early and ask you guys what you want in that regard. There are, existing now, two types of trade. The YEAR trades, and the six month trades. Most of you, as it stands, have bought the six month trades, and for this, you are awesome. You have helped support the comic, and you have kept it alive, and have renewed my faith time and again. I don’t know if this is because you like six month chunks, or because you wanted to buy as you went to support the comic, honestly. The six month trades cost more than the one year trades to make, however, and they’re more logistically complicated to put together, so I’mm inclined, from the perspective of what’s best financially for the comic, and beneficially for you guys, to discontinue the six month trades and switch to one year volumes. They’ll be cheaper for you, too, as a perk.

There are, however, two problems. One, I am worried that people still like the six month trades and will only want them/miss them if they’re gone, and two, I don’t want to make people who bought volume three buy it again, in a sense, if I switch to the YEAR format, if they want to get what would have been volume four. Still and all, the price would be comparable, and you’d get an extra trade in the bargain, so I don’t know. I need your advice!

Please let me know what you think about that, especially if you’ve bought volume three. My current plan is to do a kickstarter for YEAR TWO in January/February, unless people really, really want a volume four.

My plan is also to have the extra-dimensional translocators ready, in your choice of color. If I can finish this damned novel I’ve been working on for a year, that will happen! So now I will get back to it.