Hey, folks!

A few updates and things…

First, though you may not know it (I didn’t until Dex informed me, which is unfortunate), a powerful typhoon, Typhoon Pablo, swept through the Philippines and hit Mindanao, near where Dexter is, and the impact was rather devastating (image source). I was reassured to learn that the US has offered aid, but I felt it important that we drop a note here to help folks get informed and perhaps, if you’re able, contribute to aid. Some four hundred people are confirmed dead, and the toll is mounting, and I know that even if you’re a news hawk, like me, this may have slipped your radar.

There is a page here with a ton of information, and another here. I’m not finding a way for people in America to donate, but I’m looking, and when I find one, I’ll update here.

Unrelated to the above, this Saturday I’ll be doing a signing at Odyssey Comics and Coffee, from 1:30 to 7, though the gamut of the signing will be 12-7, featuring a whole host of awesome creators! I will have trades, so if you’re in the area, come say hello!