Hey, folks!

Four Colors and the Truth have once again been kind enough to put Cura on their top twenty list of webcomics for the previous year! Head on over there to check out the article. We’ve very honored to be included among such wonderful folks. Thanks!

On another note entirely, we’re nearing the final pages of this section, the end of “year two,” though the second year mark passed in November. Essentially, I wrote for years, and then as the years have passed, we’ve added pages, took a brief break six months ago, and here we are!

After three hundred pages, Dex has been an incredible trooper, an honest-to-god machine of awesome, so we’re going to give him a little breathing room between this section and the next to build a buffer. Maybe two weeks. I’ll pick up the slack and post here, talk about some of the elements of Cura, so you’ll have content, but there will not be a live page update for a few weeks, unless folks want to send in some fan drawings.

This buffer should, in theory, offer several important rewards to you guys. We’re planning for a Kickstarter for Year Two, and there are some other hidden ideas rolling around that we have to suss.

Have no fear, however, the comic isn’t going anywhere. I mean, heck, I’ve written the entire next year already, so we’re good through 2014. Take care, and Happy New Year!