Well, that’s two years in the can. Yes, I know, the year started November first of 2010, two years and two months ago, but hey, we add pages, we took a minor break between six month periods last March/April/May (I forget, because it’s all such a blur!). Our year lasts as long as it takes to tell the story, which is one of the reason Cura’s been so good to me, and hopefully to you.

Dex and I are now going to huddle and strategize. About what, you may ask? Well, a kickstarter/indiegogo/somefundraiser, for one. We want to come up with a way to make you happy, help us keep the lights on, and generally make sure that our primary goal, the continuing of this comic to its conclusion, can be met. More on that soon.

Beyond that, on regular update days, keep coming as we rebuild the buffer, because we will post some of the sketches that Dex is doing, other interesting artwork, and in introduction to something from YEAR FOUR… Wha, you say? We’re not even at the beginning of year three? Yes. I know. And this thing from Year Four won’t even factor until the end. Still and all, we must design, because the eight page backu[REDACTED]

Keep eyes here, and expect stuff in the near term. We’re too crazy to take breaks.