Hey, folks!

Just a note that a book I mentioned and endorsed here a few back, Frost, is about to come out. April 10th. I’ve already pre-ordered number one, and read the zero issue (FOR FREE, folks), and I gotta say, I’m excited. I started reading early, and one of the first things I dove into was the Executioner, and a lot of the hard war and espionage paperbacks they had in the bin at Goodwill. The essay in the zero issue about the evolution of this hero archetype alone is worth five bucks, and get this… the first issue of this series is a BUCK. You got that in your couch, kid, so GO AND BUY IT. Pre-Order, because that helps a series out a lot. Don’t take my word for it. Read the zero issue story and see if you aren’t hooked.

On the Kickstarter front, I am preparing to execute, once I get a few more printing bids. It’s looking like (alas) the ever-elusive translocator will not be ready for this one, but we will have something rather awesome… an eight page backup by Dex featuring the debut of an all-new Cura team that will begin factoring into the story in the future. It’s a corker so far, Dex is really knocking it out. I’ll have previews soon.

There will be a digital “author’s cut” file available, featuring commentary and the original script, along with Dex’s rough in thumbnails. It’s a big ole file, and it’s quite neat to look at and reflect on what we’ve done so far. I think you folks will love it. I am also planning tentatively on having a tee shirt exclusive to the Kickstarter that you can all vote on. The only thing I have to narrow down are the little things that you’d want as perks. I have a number of ideas, but if you have any preferences or wish lists, please let me know in the comments.