Well, wow. It has been a weekend.

First, about ten days early, this little guy decided to pop into the world:

He is my son Milo Gregory, and he is quite assuredly the most awesome child that has ever been born. Many people say that when they have their child, and I understand it’s a normal psychological thing to do, to think your son is better than all other sons. The only problem I have with that theory is that all other sons are inferior to mine, empirically. I mean, sweet hell, look at that boy.

He is a May the Fourth STAR WARS baby, which, if you know me, is insanely cool. I am a Star Wars fan from way back, even the prequels, yes, bite me. I don’t even care. Milo won’t either. Mofo gave the lady preeclampsia just to come out that day, where his due date was the thirteenth. We Star Wars nerds don’t screw around.

Now, that said, I have been remiss. I have not, on this page, promoted the Lady Sabre Kickstarter, and that Kickstarter, which has already gotten going, is, as they say, a WORTHY CAUSE.

Why? Because it’s independent art by professional creators in a world where corporate characters have far too much influence. Because it’s a sign, if we fund it, that we don’t want spinebreakers or CONSEQUENCES THAT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, or, more importantly, good work to pass from this world.

I was unsurprised to see that Greg and Rick’s work funded the first day, as it is amazing material. All the same, you should get over there and buy the book anyway, if you haven’t, and buy another for friends if you can, for multiple reasons.

1) It’s good.
2) It sends a clear message that independent art is sustainable and a worthy cause.
3) It supports an amazing set of artists.
4) Above and beyond goal helps the work continue in innumerable ways.
5) It gives me hope.
6) Just because.
7) See 1-6.

Now I am off to spend time with my boy, who makes the most awesome cry. It’s like a movie critic. Not too loud, not too whiney, more like my own reaction to an average movie. “EhhhhhhHHHHH?”

Seriously, you guys, he’s amazing.