So, I have been away for a bit, prepping, working hard, checking out options, and soon, very soon, we will have a CURA YEAR TWO KICKSTARTER!

It is approved, ready to go, and all I have to do is finish final prep and start it up. We are shooting for Wednesday May 29th at 9AM Pacific, 12 noon Eastern to start this ball rolling!

I will share more details in the coming week and add countdowns and Twitter pics and other fun things as we get closer, but for today I figure for today I’ll share two pictures, the first the finished colors by the awesome Octavio Cordova, and the second a working draft for our final cover (which will likely be tweaked in the days ahead):

If you want to check out the process Octavio went through to make the cover, check out his awesome blog!

We’re going to need everyone’s help to make this work… here we go!