So, as you may have noticed, there was no page Friday… apologies! It is now fixed.

I’m sure you all, being the awesome folks you are, saw no page and thought it was a holiday thing. Nope! Dex delivered the page well on time (he always does), I got the page and lettered it (I always do), and I made the page web ready, and then somehow, my brain wrote it off as done and I went back to watching my six month old.

I didn’t upload the page! BOOM, it’s Saturday morning, I wake up in a cold sweat, and here I am, uploading the page, realizing yet another thing, thanks to Kate… yesterday was the THREE YEAR anniversary of Cura, and our 450th page!

What does that mean? Well, November 1, 2010, we put up our first page, which seems insane right now, because it can’t possibly have been that long, but it has. But, you naturally ask, you just released Year Two! Well, yes, but we are in Year Three right now, which will end in January, if I’ve pegged the pages right. Sometimes things need more clarification and/or we come up with neat ideas that expand what’s in the script, so I add a few pages along the way, and in some places the story naturally stretches with Dex’s art, so we’re a few months ahead of the anniversary at this point, which is actually a good thing, but it’s worth noting the anniversary, if only to celebrate how far we’ve come!

My thanks to Dex, and to all of you, for a wonderful run. May we reach the end!