(Cross posted on the Cura Te Ipsum Year Two Kickstarter)

Preliminary note: Cura Te Ipsum will be at the Emerald City Comicon in booth E-07, so please, by all means, come see us! We will have trades aplenty, and neat new banners! NOTE: We will not be present on Friday due to circumstances beyond our control, but we will be there for Saturday and Sunday, all day.

Now, on to the Kickstarter:

CURA Year Three book mock up copy

There she is! The mockup of the Year Three trade, which we are now working to finalize. Dex and I have spent the last few weeks crunching numbers, talking to close friends and readers, and assessing where to go with the next Kickstarter, and this is where we’re at, after hearing your input:


We will finish this year on April 5th, but the book is already ahead of schedule in terms of readying it for print, given what we learned from the last Kickstarter. Our current plan is to run the Kickstarter from the very early morning of APRIL 2ND until midnight of MAY 2ND. This will give us thirty days. While it would be nice to go from April 1 to April 30th, as you might have guessed, the internet has things to do on April 1st that might be distracting. Our target goal, which factors in limited hardcovers and glossy paper from the start this time, as opposed to as stretch goals, will be $7,000.


People want hardcovers, but we realized that we don’t need unlimited hardcovers to get you them. Unlimited hardcovers added WAY too many tiers, and complicated everything. It also added grossly to cost. We will continue the limited hardcovers (and there are a good number left), and if they all sell out, we can always reassess, because we’ll be in a much better position. This serves several purposes. 1) It keeps the hardcovers special. 2) It keeps costs way down, and 3) It means we can focus more on the priority, the Year Three softcover trade.


So far, the word is stickers. Stickers and buttons. I’m thinking we’ll make stickers and buttons come with all orders straight out of the gate. What else do you guys want for stretches? Tee shirts? Prints? We have some ideas, but we also want to hear if there’s something special you want, for those of you who haven’t already sounded off.

This can’t work without you, so please, by all means, feel free to leave comments or email me at neal@nealbailey.com if you have ideas, desires, or comments.

Thank you so much for supporting our comic!