Hi, folks!

First off, thank you all for turning out in such numbers for the Kickstarter so far! It’s been overwhelming, exciting, and I still can’t believe we’re sitting about eight hundred dollars from our goal as we write this. It’s insane, truly, and very humbling in multiple ways.

This post is to let folks know that, as Wednesday (517) will be the last page of this trade year, we will be taking a brief scheduled break to meet the demand of the Kickstarter and rebuild the buffer. It should be two, maybe three weeks max to the next page, and in that time I will be posting many updates at the Kickstarter to show you what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Should be fun. Thank you for your patience. I promise, the first ten pages back will be more than worth the wait. They are quite nuts.

CLARIFICATION UPDATE: When I say year, I mean year in the sense of trades, as in Year One, Year Two, etc… Fixed the last paragraph to reflect that.

If you want to help us meet the goal and haven’t, you can check out the Kickstarter here. Thank you for participating, telling a friend, and just generally being awesome!