Hey, folks!

As you may or may not know, our own Dexter Wee doesn’t limit his substantial skills to just one comic…

Over the last year, I’ve been sharing the wonderful experience of watching Patriot-1 come together, with art by Dexter Wee and words by Kevin Powers. It’s 176 pages in length, full color, and it ROCKS.

They are holding an ambitious Kickstarter currently to get the ball rolling, and I highly encourage you to contribute, if you can. I mean, it’s Dex, come on! Check out some samples of the book, starting with the cover:


And here’s a smaller sample of an interior pages:

Sample page

If you’d like to support via social media, here are a series of graphics for that purpose. You’ll notice I’ve chosen one and popped it up on the site here, for the duration of the Kick.

patriot 1 KS 1

patriot 1 KS 2

patriot 1 KS 3

patriot 1 KS 4

patriot 1 KS 5

Best of luck to this work! Head on over and help it Kickstart!