So, bad news. Bad news that leads to good news. Cura will be taking a one week break next week, from the 11-15th, and there will be nary a page.

(Ducks rutabagas and parsnips and rotten corpses.)

No, I know, I know, it sucks. But there are REASONS. Primarily, first and foremost, it’s because I am heading to the beach to sit in the rocky sand and do nothing but read for a week, because raising a child is chapping my ass. That’s what I’m going to the beach to do. I will instead likely write for most of the weak cursing my lack of electricity in the rocky sand, but that’s neither here nor there.

While I am away, Dex will be hard at work at SOMETHING. It is not a something like, say, the something we put at the back of the Year Two trade, which was an awesome something, but rather another something. No, not The Domain, though by now many of you have probably seen the preview. What we have to work on is something so incredibly rad that it requires a contract from a third party. What we have to create in our spare time comes with a logo. What we have to do with our spare time is a thing that, unlike Cura, you can walk into a store and buy.

And THAT is RAD.

And THAT is, alas, all I can say right now. But bottom line, your patience here now will be rewarded, and we thank you as ever for sticking with us.

Also, if you do not check your Kickstarter mail, it is of note that ALL of the books are now in the wild, and should be headed your way. If you don’t have them by the twentieth of this month, send me an email and I will go to the internet and find a pitchfork GIF and just watch it for a while before I drive to the post office.