Indeed, it is not! But this book will be.

The Truth (About Your Parents) is a children’s book that, in secret, I have been working on with Robin Robinson of The Last Keyhole, Ushala at World’s End, Wanda’s Wart, Meet the Bad Day Monsters, and much, much more. We’ve plucked away over the last year, and we are finally ready to KICKSTART this crazy ride!

What happens after your parents put you to bed? Well, first, they make sure you’re really, really asleep. Then, they take off their parent masks, put on party hats, and eat ice cream that children could have eaten, because ice cream that children could have eaten keeps them strong.

Think that’s bad? When they’re finished, they get in the flying car they hide from you and fly to their home planet, where the cotton candy flows like water and there are carnival rides ALL NIGHT LONG.

Of course, as they do this, they leave you to face the EVIL CLOWN (TM). The horror!

The Truth is a book that respects the fact that kids are smart and can handle conflict, and it’s also a demented story that parents will enjoy, we hope.

We’ll be teasing out more details as the week goes by, but our current, tentative plan is to Kickstart from November 25-December 23rd. Watch this space for updates! You can also like our Facebook page here!