Some of you may recall that last December, I tried to Kickstart a children’s book called The Truth (About Your Parents). Basic premise? That parents wait until kids are asleep, then remove their adult masks and go have TONS of fun, leaving you to face evil clowns.

It’s really not as terrifying as it sounds. And it’s a lot of fun.

Bottom line, mistakes were made. We learned from those mistakes, and now we’re going to try again! What are we changing from last time?

1) Goal. We shot for $5,500, trying to get the book made, have some stock, and pay the artist. This is a good and noble series of ideas, but not one the market will bear. We have done some research, found MUCH cheaper printing options, lost the video we were going to produce, and now that number is sitting right around $1,750. See? We artists know how to tighten our belts. This, I think, is much more attainable.

2) We opened our Kickstarter on Black Friday (or very close to it) thinking it would be a good holiday gift. Turns out people like to go out and find their holiday gifts, and all of their money goes toward it, so we got skunked in that department. December is now going to be APRIL, a much kinder month, we think, for Kickstarters.

3) We are going to promote our Kick at the Emerald City Con. Robin, the artist, will have some deals of her own, but I am promising anyone who comes up to me at the booth with proof they have pledged to The Truth (at any level) 50% off any Cura trade. How do you like them apples? Even Matt Damon would get the discount.

4) We didn’t showcase enough of the art. Robin killed it, and we did little snippets instead of full pages, outside of the full video. This time, we’ll be doing a more broad preview!

Of course, any other suggestions you mat have would be appreciated.

Present tentative plan is to launch on THURSDAY, late, to begin over the weekend, where Cura will be present at F-08 in the Emerald City Comic-Con with trades! Be there, and use Square!

If you have any suggestions as well, we would of course love to hear them!