So, with tomorrow’s page (Thursday) we will enter a one week break without pages. Boo, I know! But it’s to a good end. We are finalizing some things we’re working on that we can’t talk about, and some other things we can. To bring you up to speed:

1) WE HAVE A TRAILER. I know, you probably saw it, but still, I’m going to post it again, because views count, and because it is STILL AWESOME!

2) We are at the Emerald City Comic-Con! Table F-08! Be there or be killed by an alternate version of yourself! That last sentence was a lie. But be there!

3) This week, Robin and I are Kickstarting The Truth (About Your Parents). We will post a link here, so please contribute!

Regular updates will resume the week following, leading to the heart-rending conclusion to this year’s storyline. Should be around page 660, so essentially about an issue and a half’s worth of pages before we make another trade. Ye Gads!