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Way back in 2009, I met a group of folks putting together a comic company. They were finding artists and writers for a horror imprint. I had a twenty-two page story that fit, and so I submitted it, and they dug it, and my friend Hopskotch SunDAY, a fantastic (and local Portland) artist, drew the hell out of it.

It’s called The Anti-War Museum of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and it tells the story of what would happen if the typical museum, which celebrates and makes monuments to war, instead showed the graphic horrible personal cost of it… with a twist at the end.

Sadly, the book was never printed, and rights reverted back to me and Hopskotch, and since then we’ve kind of sat on it, trying to figure out if we should print it, make it a Cura incentive, WHAT? Well, today we decided to hell with it, we’ll get it out there and see what happens, because otherwise, it would just sit there, and I’m quite proud of it. It deserves to be seen.

To that end, check out this free preview of the first nine pages, and if you would be so kind and willing, feel free to purchase the book for what you think is a fair price. Our suggestion is eight million dollars, but realistically, anything you can afford would brighten our day. And no, if you’re broke, I won’t look down my nose at you if you pay a penny. Actually, make it two pennies, so Hopskotch can have one too. It comes in PDF form. If you enjoy it, and can write a small something about it in some form of social media, we’d be grateful.

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