So I’m not sure why, but I have gotten a few comments wondering why I ended the comic here, with so many unresolved questions. To be clear, I haven’t. There’s still a full year of story to go, we are simply on hiatus for the Kickstarter, it’s all planned.

I usually post telling folks the approximate time of the break (which I didn’t this time, apologies), and I’m guessing that may be part of it. To be clear, we will be starting again soon, on the last year. At the end of that year, yes, the comic will end. But there will be other comics.

There are many things yet to cover in the story, and I would never end this story on such a down note. Promise.

We are very focussed right now on our Kickstarter, but I promise, there’s a lot more story to tell in a longer, extra-sized final year that will wrap up all the loose ends, give closure to our heroes, and offer what I think is a rather happy ending, and I hope you’ll agree.

In the meanwhile, if you could tell a friend about our Kickstarter, we have about 14 days to raise another $1,200, and every little bit helps this book come to pass!