Hey, folks!

First off, thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent successful Kickstarter, and thank you to everyone else for your patience with the break in between posts and pages. There were several reasons for the longer break than is typical, one of which was rebuilding a buffer so that we can launch our Patreon! It will feature pages a full week ahead of time, so we had to make extra sure we were ready before resuming our extra-sized final year of pages.

B-B-B-But… we just did a Kickstarter! Yes, I know. I posted about this a while back, but some of you may have missed it. Essentially, what it comes down to is that there are two fronts involved in creating this comic. There’s the printing of books, which is one expense, and the cost of the art, which is another expense. Dex doesn’t work for free, nor should he, and I have been paying him out of my own debt-laden pockets since day one. How much, I am uncomfortable saying, because it is bad form to reveal the page rate of a working artist (they need and should have the leverage of privacy in that regard), but I can say safely that the amount is greater than fifteen thousand dollars, at a minimum, even with the slight overage from all three Kickstarters.

That’s a lotta cheddah. It’s worth every penny, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also time for me to hold out a hand and ask if any of you are willing to help offset that cost. If so, groovy! We will give you THINGS!

What are those things? Well, they are detailed in full on the Patreon itself, but the long and the short of it is that if you give a buck, you get access to thumbnails and pencils as the pages are published. For two bucks, you get access to Dex’s sketch blog, for three bucks you get pages a week ahead of time, and for five bucks, you get to choose what Dex sketches from a rotating pool! So if that pool is small, you could be choosing what Dex draws quite a bit!

We’re also offering the removal of ads, and, if things get really nuts, I’ll write some short stories.


Well, that’s the easy part, thankfully. You sign up for Patreon, you pledge (as you would with a Kickstarter), and once a month (for our Patreon, anyway), on the first, the amount you pledge is deducted.

IE, say you pledged a buck today, the 29th of September, in two days it would deduct a buck from your bank account and send it our way. OR, if you pledged on the second, in a month we’d get a buck. Either are fantastic, and either will get you in on the new pages.

Irrespective of all of this, however, pages resume on THIS THURSDAY, so buckle up! (I told Dex the 2nd for the promo, my error on the date, you get a page one day early. Surprise!) The end is nigh, there are many things to be resolved, and it’s time to give Charlie, Charlene, the Nerd, Leo, Squirt, Pavlov, Andrus, and even the Dark Everett their proper send-off! I’m so excited to bring it your way. Thank you for sticking with us this far!