Hey, folks!

So, in a few weeks, we are going to be hitting a Cura first. A four page splash.

Why do I say this ahead of time? Well, so that you’re not surprised when there’s a bit of time between pages! Unfortunately, we don’t know how long it will be or the constraints of yet, because we’ve never done this before, but rest assured, we’ll get to the next page as soon as we can depending on complexity and Dex not collapsing into a quivering heap because I’m making him do a four page splash.

It’s gonna be NUTS. And we hope you’ll enjoy it. It’ll be pages 704-708.


ALSO, we’re halfway to losing the ads on our Patreon! There’s also over 100 posts, all accessible for just three bucks a month, along with pages in advance, including this new spread as soon as it’s finished! Please help us keep the lights on and go check it out!

EDIT (1-29): The page will go live here on February 9th, since folks were asking.