So I have been working all week talking to people wise with the CSS and WordPress to find a way to make the four page thing work in typical fashion, and of course, it has not. The page is just smaller than it should be, come what may.

I even ended up turning to the awesome Frumph, the nice gent behind the interface you’re enjoying, who clued me in to the lightbox option, which is our best hope here.

Ergo, when the giant page arrives, on the 9th, you will have to click the page, and then it will appear in a new page, and you can see it in full glory. This will require using the navigation buttons for one page, if you’re a page clicker to get to the next, for which I apologize, but it’s the only option aside from detailed instructions on how to right click.

I am confident everyone will figure it out. The page is worth it, I think, as you will see.

Thanks for your patience!