I am in the process of updating the tags and SEO of Cura in general, prepping the comic for (gasp!) archive mode, when it finishes its run in a number of months.

Ergo if you go back and read the comic, the first 100 or so pages (as of this writing) have modified tags, some of which do not match up with the last 600 or so pages. It is slow work, but I am managing. It’ll probably take a week of poking in between other work.

There are three organizing schemes. TAGS, LOCATION, and CHARACTERS. I considered location and character, or just tags, but I decided versatility of use was better, depending on how one wanted to look back.

There is also a preliminary SEQUELS page I am at work on, where you can see all the versions of the pages with sequels arranged in order. I will post that link when it’s finished. It’ll probably be on the LINK page, which I have also cleaned up. I want to do ECHOES, too, but that is more difficult, because I’d have to comb and mine my own work without a handy repeating title to bring me back to it. I may do that later, or I may not be able to, but if any of you fine folks want to help, I’m game. Examples would include repeating dialogue tropes, like “No.”, “It’s complicated/not complicated.” along with repeated scenes, like Charlie suicides, the last week before he/she dies, etcetera. You can see how that would get tough fast, I’d guess, and I see it as time better spent on The Dysphoria, though my nagging need to catalogue makes me want to do it all the same.

In other news, the Patreon is now a MONTH ahead, and may go further, so if you’d like to read ahead, go on and check it out!