Hey, folks!

Just posted on Twitter, but also thought I’d mention here that our Patreon backers, in addition to pages now a month ahead, just got a cool special look at an image from a page of the next comic Dex and I will be doing.

We’re also actively talking about how we’re going to do the comic, and would love insight. Even a buck a month gets you in on the discussion, and there are tons of reasons to check out the Patreon, including some forty exclusive sketches from Dex, along with benefits that will come in the future to those who actively support now.

As it stands, the next comic will more than likely be on Patreon almost exclusively, so those who get in now have a head start, an early-bird bonus if you will. I’m going to start planning rewards based on this support, make no mistake. This will include early looks at the work in question.

Beyond that, please consider, if you enjoy this comic, that it is not a profitable endeavor, not by a long shot. It is a labor of love, and any contribution you can make helps offset the some 35-40 thousand dollars Cura is in the red, and helps motivate me to carry on making on the darkest days, when all the sacrifices mount up and sit on your shoulders. I’m not making a grab for money when I hold out my hand, I promise. If this were about money, I’d have quit long ago. That said, it is a factor in continuing and making the next comic, as it will have color, and be more ambitious. Any help you could offer means a lot and helps ensure my future ability to create works like this.