Thanks to a generous Patreon contribution, we are now at over $100 a month. That means that our first goal has been met, and therefore, all ads have been removed! I’m kind of glad, because though I met some cool people through their ads, I’m not a big fan of advertisement. That said, I am a big fan of spreading the word about other comic, and I don’t want to stop, so if you have one, let me know.

For those of you who read my last, long post, thank you. I am also not a fan of TL;DR, but I do know that was a long slog. I will make this one briefer.

1) We are definitely doing at least one issue of Dysphoria. The response justifies that. Thank you to the folks who signed up for the mailing list, and to the folks who pledged to the Patreon. Please spread the word.

2) At risk of sounding like OPB, we need to raise more, and the more we raise, the more we can do. I do not have cool mugs like OPB, but I am, however, in possession of some extra pages that Dex and I have banked. I think I am going to make a series of smaller, closer, related goals for the Patreon that involve increasing the number of pages per week at a certain level. If there is a thing stopping you from contributing to the Patreon (aside from being broke, which is of course fine, I know the feeling), please let me know what you’d like to see.

3) As I will be informing the Patreon folk very shortly, depending on your time contributing, trades for Year Five will be coming for free. That’s not something I’m writing into the Patreon at present, but I am considering it for future work. It’s just something I’m deciding to do outside of the commitment Patreon offers. As such, if you were to know that trades would come with a Patreon contribution, would that motivate you to join?

Bottom line, I am looking for the best way to motivate you to contribute so that you can be pleased and I can continue this comic, and start the next one. I’m being as transparent and available as I can, but I need to know what folks want so I can cater to that, so please, raise your voice!

Ways you can help:

Support the Patreon.

Join the mailing list (just below the comic, or above this post, is the form).

Tell a friend.